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Introduction to Tutorials at deviantART
^ProjectEducate: Resources Week

Day 7: Tutorials

It is the final day of projecteducate's Resources Week. I am a gallery moderator for deviantART's gallery of Resources & Stock Images, and this article is intended to be a guide to finding and learning from tutorials offered at deviantART.
During my time as a gallery moderator, this community has made one thing abundantly clear to me...
The large majority of the suggestions I get for resources Daily Deviation features are for tutorials. I've come to understand that most artists are infected with some kind of savage hunger for knowledge. (And I like it!)
:iconfantasystock:FantasyStock 152 21
Om Nom Nombers :iconsmashmethod:smashmethod 82 55
Auto resizing your art since March 18th!
I've just been made aware that DA has decided to (temporarily?) take away our choice of showcasing art in any width we desire.
That's right- if you upload a new deviation right now, you won't get a choice of "900 width" or "display original size".
Everything I upload, auto-resizes!

I decided to write a news article about this development of interest, since I don't see any official news or topics about this new implementation anywhere... only after 30 minutes found a topic about it on the forum.
What if today I want to upload a comic book artwork that is MEANT to be scrolled horizontally with very little height?
What if today I want to show a wallpaper that's 1800 pixels wide?
Statistically, only 10-20% of people click the "download" button- that means 80-90% of watchers will miss out on what I want to REALLY show.
Give me back my "display art in resolution that I originally uploaded it in" button.
From the forum post on the issue:
"We've recently changed our requirements for t
:iconalexiuss:alexiuss 2,748 1,159
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I've not rendered anything artistic in quite some time now. I do still dabble in Photoshop and Cinema 4D once and a while, but its usual off of a side project, or just to help visualize something.

All in all its come to pass that I really don't have any real artistic talent. I can follow a plan, I can mimic others work, but coming up with completely original ideas and actually following through with them just does not seem to be a thing. Not when it comes to traditionally digital art anyway.

I have however found myself enjoying more intricate "art". Web Development and systems creation is a different form of artwork that I'd say I am not too bad at, and I quite enjoy. May not be the best at making Wordpress templates, but designing a back end from scratch? No problem.

Still, with all of the above not withstanding, I have gotten into painting a bit. I may or may not post completed works on DA in the future. We'll see how it goes.

A final note regarding DeviantArt as a whole;
I've been on this site for close to 10 years, I still visit it from time to time to check in, but it looks as if the majority of the friends and people I've met through here are long gone, or use the site exceedingly rarely (myself included). Still, to those of you out there that I have met through DA, I thank you for being awesome. This site may no longer be what it used to be for myself, or many among us, but the fact that it brought us all together, even if only for a few years, is something pretty awesome.

That is all for now.


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